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pretty good

As a huge Macross fan myself I have to say that was pretty good. I liked your use of the movies music and sound effects. While the voices were OK I noticed that they mispronounced some words, but that pretty forgivable.

The visuals while the artwork was pretty good I don't think that they moved as well as they could have. But still a good job.

Oh and there are several sequels to Macross - the unofficial sequel 6 part OVA Macross 2, the music video Macross 2012, the TV series Macross 7, the 4 part OVA Macross Plus, the 4 part OVA Macross 7 Dynamite, and the most recent the 5 part OVA Marcross Zero. All of theses are really good and you should check them out if you haven't already.

MedMapGuy responds:

Glad you liked it. I know all about Macross' recent history, with all the OVA's and stuff, and I also know about the 25th anniversary coming up. Hope an announcement for a new series comes!!

How the hell do you pronounce Muh-kross anyway? :P

A huge improvment

This is a tremendous improvement over the first one. Your hummer is spot on, your animation is very nice and clean, nice use of music and sound and voices.

But it dose tend to drag on a little to long in some spots, but those moments are few and far between so it doesn't matter to much.

I also really liked how you never have Link talk, great touch.

Great job


That was really amazing, that really made me think a lot. Very interesting take on the origins of Santa, very very good.

I was really surprised though, it wasn't your usual animation style, you usually go for the nice clean and crisp anime look. but here you used a much more gritty western style (correct me if I'm wrong).

Don't get me wrong though I have to say that this is your best thus far, maybe not visually, but in terms of story, pacing, music, and message this ranks supreme for your stuff. And its great that you can do drama as well if not better than comedy.

Awesome job

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Very nice

I liked it quite a bit, its got a very nice and relaxing feel to it. And it sounds alot like a movie score, which is a plus. keep up the good work.

madboss responds:

Thanks for the rev! This song was meant to be a simple trance-dance track but my love to strings and filmscore melodyes added a plus to it.

I'm just a simple guy, who likes to make films, write and animate.

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